Infynex is a payroll company in the Netherlands, specialized in serving self employed expats. Our core business is providing HR & Payroll administration and in addition to that we also help our clients with issues they experience in regard to working in the Netherlands.

The payroll industry has changed significantly over the past few years. Therefore clients can easily get fined for compliance related reasons they are not aware of. Our clients seek proactive advise in regard to their processes and payroll. Combined with our flexible service and software solutions to navigate the murky Dutch waters of rules and regulations, we can assure clients that they can focus on their core business.

Our payroll services vary depending on your wishes and circumstances. At Infynex we believe that every client deserves to receive the personal devotion from their own payroll specialist.

Discover the benefits of payroll by Infynex

  • Payment within 7 days
  • We pay you your project fee before your client has paid our invoice.
  • Invoicing and client management are taken care of so you can concentrate on your job instead of your invoice.
  • Possibility to monitor transactions online.
  • Self employed, but with the income stability of a regular salary.