Payroll solutions for the self employed

Why is this useful for me?

Coming to our website, there is a good chance you want to do business or do a project as a self employed worker. Payrolling as a concept you might already know of in regard to working salary based. Should you not, here is a brief explanation.

In payrolling, organisation A transfers legal obligations for an employee to organisation B as employer, while the employee works for organisation A. The difference with working for a temp agency, is that company A does the recruiting and company B acts as HR back-office.

In the Netherlands, laws regarding self employment overlap regular worker rights laws somewhat and in recent years they are prone to be changed regularly. The last change was the so called DBA act in 2016, with it's precedessor being the VAR act. And another change is expected soon with elections drawing close.

Doing business with Infynex can help you deal with the everchanging laws regarding self-employment. Our unique approach towards expats seperates us from other payroll companies. Dutch, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Farsi are all spoken fluently at our organisation, which makes us a natural choice for Indian and other central Asian clients in particular.