Payrolling for expats and entrepreneurs abroad

In the Netherlands, becoming self employed, or running a business is challenging when it comes to the administrative part of business. For a Dutch local.

As a non-local, it's even more daunting to understand and comply to all the legal rules that tend to change often, as well. For the purpose of helping expats and entrepreneurs from abroad getting around in the Netherlands, Infynex was established. Our consultants have a background as non-natives or expats, so they all too well understand the difficulties that you may come across when doing business or a project in the Netherlands. We can help you understand the (subtle) differences Dutch commercial law has compared to your countries counterpart. Also, we service you in your administration, invoicing and HR software solutions.

Infynex provides it's services to the self employed, entrepreneurs and companies in different countries. For this moment we are active in four different countries in Europe and still aiming for growth. Infynex operates in the following cities:

  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Head Office)